Tailwater is led by Jason Downie and Edward Herring who have worked together for more than 20 years in energy private equity. They are joined by energy investors and technical resources with significant experience in energy and private equity, creating a strong and cohesive team to generate long-term value.

We believe that the Tailwater team’s flexibility to invest across the entire value chain, creativity in structuring partnerships with management teams, and culture of fostering value-added solutions make Tailwater an ideal partner.
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Webb Bishop

Director of Projects, Tailwater Technical Consulting

Ritesh Shah

Vice President, Tailwater Technical Consulting

We needed private equity that moves as fast as we do and Tailwater has exceeded our expectations and more from Day One. For them, nimble is an understatement as we’ve thrown some curveballs at them and received solutions in return, not roadblocks.
— Brandon Webster, CEO of Connect Midstream